Like new used tires

There is no compromise for safety.

When it is time for us to replace a set of tires for our car, we often need to do it without further delay. It is a matter of safety for all road users and our loved ones.

If the cost of replacement is not an issue, a new set of tires is surely the best bet.

However, if cost is an issue, how about turning to used tires. `Like new used tires` are tires sold by reputable tire dealers who have good used tires which have at least 70-90% of tread depth left for a fraction of the price of the new tire.

Motorists may turn to used tires in place of new ones for several reasons.

  1. Damage only to one tire out of the set.
  2. Two tires need replacement due to poor wheel alignment issue.
  3. Tires need replacement for a car that is due for a trade-in.
  4. Car not used for long distances such as in the case of a second car for family use with very low mileage.

When buying used tires, it is important for us to know that the tires offered to us are in good roadworthy condition and worthwhile for us to purchase. Get the installer to assist you to check out for the following points before the tires are fitted on to your car.

  1. Assuming the tire size required for your car is correct, establish the age of the tire. Refer to the manufacturing date stamp, e.g 2511-means it was produced on the 25th week of 2011. Do not accept any tire that is older than 6 years.
  2. Establish the remaining tread depth of the tires in comparison to new ones. Reputable tire dealers will usually offer you a choice.
  3. Look for any signs of repair work done on the tire such as patches, plugs or even uneven wear marks on the tread area. Reject any tire that you suspect that has been repaired or used on a car with bad alignment.
  4. Look for any signs of run flat damage on the sidewall. If a tire has been run without air pressure or very low are pressure, the sidewall will be damaged. The markings on the sidewall will be distorted. Do not accept such a tire.
  5. Look for any dry cracking marks in the area where the sidewall meets the tread area by pressing down the sidewall area. Cracking of the compound can take place due to extreme weather conditions. Do not accept such a tire if you notice such cracks.
  6.  If you have a specific brand preference, specify when placing the order. Assuming  you are just replacing one or two tires, other reputable brands can be used if the brand you favor is not available provided the tread patterns are similar. If you are originally using the symmetrical or V-shaped tread pattern, then stick to those tread pattern and make sure that they are fitted on the same axle.
  7. When deciding to purchase used tires, always compare the price of the used tires against new ones. As a general rule, depending on the remaining tread life, it should not cost you more than 50% of new ones.

Choosing a reputable tire dealer or distributor is important especially when purchasing used tires. They should have the facilities to check and verify that the used tires that they are selling are indeed in the condition and quality that they claim or advertise. Also ensure that you get a money back guarantee should you not be satisfied with the tires offered to you.

Customer satisfaction is utmost in the minds of reputable distributors dealing with used tires.  So, go ahead and check out those good deals.

Put those like new used tires to good economic use and keep them out of the landfill as long as possible.

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  1. Hello

    very useful article on used tires, you know when I was young and had less money I did take advantage of used tires to save money.

    I used to go to this place where you could go through used tires for a very low price, this did save me money and is something people should consider doing

    • Hello Jeffrey,

      Thank you so much for dropping by and really appreciate your comments.

      I am sure there are many people, for reasons of their own, would want to take advantage of such used tires. In my opinion, the most important factor here is to be in the know of how to choose the good used ones. Equipping ourselves with this knowledge will save us a lot of headache in the long run.

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