The aim or goal of every car owner would be to ensure that a set of tires last as long as it possibly can without compromising on safety and performance.

Assuming the above statement is true, we must understand that the tire is not a `fit and forget` component of the car. Should that attitude be adopted, it is just a matter of time before a tire failure, typically a puncture, takes place and one gets inconvenienced along the journey.

There are many cases where even the spare tire is also not in a good condition to be used in an emergency.This results in one getting stranded and calling for roadside assistance. And mind you, roadside assistance is not cheap. What a waste of valuable time,effort and money.

While car tire care tips are easy to follow, a deliberate attempt must be made to put into practice the tips outlined on a scheduled basis.Knowing is one thing and putting into practice is another.

From a personal experience point of view, may I suggest that practice of these tips become second nature to you in your car tire care from now onward.

To begin, assuming you have never done any of this before, you need to make a good assessment of the condition of the current set of tires. To do that , drive into the nearest tire dealers outlet and get them to do it for you. Observe the condition of the tires once they are removed from the vehicle.
Tire replacement is necessary if the following two conditions are fulfilled:

1.Uneven tread wear

Example of tire problems2.Worn out or damaged tires

Be it a new set of tires or the current set being fitted back to the vehicle, alignment of the front wheels, balancing of all four wheels, rotation of the wheels and tire pressure check must all be carried out without fail. In addition, the condition of the adjoining steering and suspension parts also play a very important part in obtaining even tire wear. Worn out steering and suspension parts must be replaced for an accurate setting of the alignment. Some of the more common tire problems are indicated in the illustration.

Once all these adjustments and checks have been carried out, you will experience a whole lot of improvement in the handling of your car.The feel of the steering in particular will be very positive,smooth and without any vibration or shimmy when travelling at higher speeds.

Now that you know and feel the benefits of these adjustments and checks, take control over the basic care practices and be sure to schedule the checks and adjustments according to the intervals.

The ultimate experience is a feeling of satisfaction and safe motoring.

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