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Snapshot_20151105_2Hello folks, I am Nair.

What started out as a hobby 40 years ago was taken up as a profession and a career. And 40 + years later, here I am wanting to pass on the knowledge and experience I have gathered in the field of automotive care to all car enthusiasts who are keen to keep their cars in a healthy state of affairs.

The topic of this website that I created is an area close to my heart as it concerns `SAFETY` of drivers and other road users. A good number of drivers today are hardly aware of the burden the tire carries when on the road.

The purpose of my putting up this website is to create awareness by imparting some practical tips that as a car user, can be very useful if put into practice.Some of these are DIY while others are services that can be easily obtained from your friendly neighborhood tire retailer as it probably needs some equipment to perform the job.

By putting into practice these tips, I can assure you that the life span of your car tires can be safely extended. Not just tire life alone but it can also result in better fuel efficiency. It all boils down to savings, dollars and cents.

I would be most happy to connect with anyone who wants to support or give any feedback regarding this topic. Please feel free to give your comments below and please visit my website regularly for some interesting updates.

All the best and hope you can put into practice these useful tips for a safer driving experience.




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